Genevieve Schook

Reservation manager


From a very young age it was clear that I wanted to work in hospitality and tourism. As a kid I always played ‘hotel’ or was cooking for family members while thinking that one day I’d start my own hotel or restaurant.

I studied at the hotel school. After internships at international hotel chains I decided to also study International Marketing and for my first internship abroad I had my first encounter with Valencia in 1977. I fel in love with the city.

After finishing my study-career I started to work for the Spanish Tourism Office in The Hague promoting Spain among the Dutch and in 2003 I decided to make the leap. I loaded my car with my stuff and came to live in Valencia. Shortly after arriving in Valencia I met Ana Merelo and we started working together in the start-up company.

After more than a decade I still find pleasure in making Valencia known to many people, especially Dutch people.

My hobbies: cooking and preferably with produce grown in my own orchard. Touring the city by bike with the family. Traveling; since living in Spain I mainly make trips to see the family in Holland or Spain.

He that despises the small is not worthy of the great