Ana Merelo



I am a real valenciana, born and raised here, studied tourism and from the first day on discovered that it was my passion. Not just because I love traveling and all that you learn along the way, but because of my calling towards service.

I was lucky that my first job was at a travel-agency where I learned a lot as we created our own tours and made the deals with suppliers of the trips, which I later carried out myself. Several years I was a guide of tours through Europe, traveling across France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Holland…

I left my job as a tour-guide to live in Germany where I stayed for eight years. But I decided to return to Valencia because I missed the sun, the sea and my family.

On my return to Valencia a met José, my unconditional friend and partner with whom, everyday, I share the passion for our company, our city,  team-work, travel and some other business ventures.

We love to be hosts for this bright and mediterranean city.

I like having personal relationships, admire people with personality and initiative, hard-working and committed to what they are developing.

In life there are actors and spectators. I chose to be an actor.