Organize a rally in Valencia for your company

Get to know the city and your companions better

Organizing a rally in Valencia is an ideal event for companies. It’s a different way to get to know the city. When dealing with group activities, a rally encourages teamwork. It allows you to have fun while getting to know valencian culture better.

During the rally you will participate in different games and activities with which you can spend an entertaining and interesting day. Thanks to this series of games you can break the ice and let the participants get to know each other better. In addition, the rally can take into account the corporate image and / or the objectives of the organizing company. Therefore, a rally in Valencia is an ideal event for companies.

Valencia Guias organizes each rally tailor made. Many times we design a roadbook that indicates the goals to be met and we create a route through the city. We organize the rallies with professional guides and actors who will be responsible for making the participants have a fun and also dynamic moment. The guides and actors are telling and staging moments of Valencia’s history that will lead to a question to be answered or an activity to be executed. We often incorporate questions about Valencia related to the company that has commissioned us to organize the rally. We have organized many rallies over the years and each one is different, we take it as a challenge to make each one special. A rally in Valencia is a different way of doing group activities.


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Organize your rally in Valencia

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