Posted: June 4, 2017

The night of San Juan in Valencia is one of the most magical of the year. A city like the Turia river capital, that breathes the essence of the Mediterranean, is perfect for spending the shortest night of the year marking the official beginning of summer. Valencia synthesizes the traditions of water, fire and mystery, elements we find during the night of San Juan in the Mediterranean. If you have a few days off in June or just want to disconnect for a weekend, spending San Juan in Valencia is a great way to get to know this city in a very different way.

The night of San Juan in Valencia has become an ever more popular date celebrated by the Valencians and with festivities taking place throughout the city.  If you like to enjoy this tradition, than head for Malvarrosa beach on the evening of June 23 to spend this evening true to form. The best way is to meet with friends, buy some beers, prepare some snacks and sandwiches, grap your bathing suit and towel and head for the beach.

At the sea-front, the City Council leave lots of firewood prepared for you to take as you like and, on the beach, create a circle with your friends and make a bonfire at nightfall. At the fire-side, people dine and tell stories until 12 o’clock when, as tradition has it, you have to dip your feet in the sea water and jump the waves to get lucky and start your summer season.

The night of San Juan the beach is crowded with people ready to party, so the fun is guaranteed. We certainly recommend you to go well before sunset to catch firewood and a good spot on the beach. Don’t worry about getting there because that day there is extra public transport; EMT-busses and trams run all the night to the Malvarrosa sea-front.

If crowds and getting covered in sand is not your thing, do not worry, the night of San Juan in Valencia has more plans to offer. Most Fallas organize dinners, dances and parties on the street that day. Many of them also burn a bonfire of old junk to fulfill the fire ritual in a kind of ‘half year’ fallero. So take advantage of this great night to wear a comfortable outfit, short-sleaved and white clothes, and dance until dawn at one of the many parties that are throughout the city.

If you spend the night of San Juan in Valencia as a couple, you can also make romantic plans. For example, go to the beach and instead of making a bonfire, buy a bunch of candles and have a sea-side picnic-dinner by moon- and candle-light. Another idea is to go for tapas in the Carmen or Ruzafa neighborhood, along the way you will see some of the bonfires and you will get to know the secrets of the historic center of Valencia during this magical night.

The weekend of San Juan in Valencia offers many possibilities besides the night of the 23rd. Enjoy the day-time to visit the modern area of the City of Arts and Sciences.  With the warm weather it is an option to go to the Oceanográfico where among the aquariums and the dolphin-shows you are sure not to suffer too much heat. Enjoy the Valencian sun and visit the renovated Royal Marina Port with its eye-catching ‘Veles e Vents’ building and, above all, its terraces where you can enjoy a very cool beer in an incomparable setting. And if you want to go to sea, you can spend a day sailing on a catamaran along the Valencian coast, with lunch on board if you wish.

Do not think twice about it and take advantage of June to visit the capital of Turia. San Juan in Valencia is the perfect excuse to enjoy the best the city has to offer. If you want a bespoke tour or to do a different activity, check out all the options that we offer at Valencia Guías, from courses of Mediterranean cuisine to guided bicycle tours through Valencia visiting the main places of interest. June and San Juan are waiting for you in Valencia!