Posted: January 21, 2017

The Fallas of Valencia are fast approaching: from the 15th to the 19th of March. It is the most international festival of the capital of the Turia, now also World Heritage. Maybe you do not know how to start organizing to enjoy the party to the fullest and not miss anything. If you are coming from abroad and it’s going to be your first Fallas, do not worry, we will give you a few tips in order to maximice your time in Valencia celebrating las Fallas.

The Fallas day is very long, so start the day taking some good pumpkin fritters with chocolate. During the Fallas you will be able to find a multitude of churrerías and buñolerías distributed all over the city. But if you want to taste the authentic, the best quality, approach the Horchatería Fabián on Císcar street and get ready to enjoy an authentic Valencian delicacy. Be prepared to queue a little, as Las Fallas de Valencia bring with them an enormous amount of people, so everywhere will be busy.

The mascletà

something beyond description

As we have said, the city is very crowded, so on the big days of these Fallas in Valencia you need to get in time to the Town Hall Square (Plaza del Ayuntamiento) to witness the Mascletà from a suitable place. Especially if you like strong emotions and you want to be in the front ranks. You will vibrate like never before and the wait will have been worth it. The Fallero atmosphere in the town square is very unique and when the final earthquake of the mascletà arrives you will experience something beyond description.

Stroll around to see Fallas

check out the ones from the Special Section

Build up your strength by having a dish of paella in a tavern or some food stall and get ready to stroll the whole city. Walking is the best solution if you want to visit the best Fallas in Valencia. We recommend that you make a route for the Special Fallas Section. Most of them are in the center: Pilar, Convent Jerusalem, Na Jordana, Almirante Cadarso, Sueca or Cuba. So do not worry about the walk, but yes, wear good shoes and of course, the traditional handkerchief and Fallero shirt (even in Chinese shops you can find them).

While walking to contemplate the Fallas of the special section, do not forget that there are Fallas in almost every corner of the city. No matter how small the Falla, stop five minutes and observe the criticism and humor that each one shows. That is the essence of the Fallas in Valencia. If you are one of those who is amazed by the Fallera outfit, take the opportunity to see the Falleras commissions parade through the most noble streets of Valencia on the way to the Offering to the Virgin of the Desamparados.

Party 24/7

floral offering and party lights

Sit in the street of La Paz or San Vicente and be amazed by the wonderful costumes worn by Valencian women and men. And then, go to the Plaza de la Virgen to contemplate the mantle that is made with the flowers brought by the Falleros; you will have photos to upload to your Instagram profile for the next three months.

In Fallas in Valencia the activity goes on day and night. Let’s hope you have some stamina because there is still the night part. It begins in the Ruzafa neighborhood with the traditional lighting of Cuba and Sueca streets. A sensational light fixture that will leave you with your mouth open.

Fireworks every night

don't miss la Nit del Foc

Have something for dinner in the Ruzafa neighborhood, one of the most beautiful and Fallero of the city; have a beer and get ready to go see the grand fireworks that explode every night in the old Turia riverbed. On the night of the 18th to the 19th the firework receives the name of ‘Nit del Foc‘ and is an authentic pyrotechnic spectacle that illuminates the sky of Valencia with the most amazing fireworks. And if you still want more, after the fireworks you can move your body for a while in one of the many street parties that Fallas mount in the street.

In short, you will be short of time to do everything in Fallas in Valencia, but with a little organisation, you will not miss the best details. If you are looking forward to more, in Valencia Guides we offer you a series of tours and exceptional routes to get to know historic Valencia, modern or maritime, and above all, Valencia Fallera. Take advantage and stay several days in Valencia to live the Fallero atmosphere and discover the most beautiful outreaches of the capital of the Turia.

Remember: the Fallas are held from March 15th to 19th.