Posted: April 30, 2017

Talking about the points of interest of Valencia city is like saying that you are going to write all the books of the Game of Thrones. You would write and write, fill pages and pages, and you would still have things stored in the inkwell, books and parts to write. It is a mistake to think that Valencia is seen in one or two days or that with a tour around the center and a visit to the City of Arts and Sciences, you have already completed the city. The capital of the Turia has much to offer, a lot to experience, to teach you. All you have to do is forget all the preconceived ideas, put on your sneakers and get ready to tour Valencia.

It is true that you can not skip the Cathedral and the Miguelete, the Town Hall Square or the Towers of Quart and Serranos, but only in the Carmen neighborhood and in the historic center can you spend a whole day and really soak up the authentic city of Valencia. And if you want, the night too, because it is one of the Valencian’s favourite areas to go out for a drink.

Returning to day-time; take advantage and stroll around to discover areas such as Plaza Redonda (Round Square), one of the most emblematic squares in Valencia because it is entirely circular. Hidden between blocks, next to the church of Santa Catalina – which is also a must see – you will find this square that, in its time, in 1840, was built as a market area and until a few years ago was the point of gathering of the Valencians to exchange cards, stamps and even animals!

Without leaving this area, and along Calle Caballeros, you will encounter the church of San Nicolás, recently rehabilitated and known as ‘the Sistine Chapel of Valencia’. Another of the recently restored buildings is the Colegio del Arte Mayor de la Seda (College of the Greater Art of Silk), located next to the old medieval hospital of Valencia, now converted into a library, less than five minutes from the Town Hall Square. The impressive thing about the Colegio de la Seda is not the building itself, but the story it hides inside. Valencia city was for centuries an economic powerhouse thanks to its silk industry, and this building, along with the Lonja – World Heritage Site – are the living reference of this legacy.

If you want to enjoy some tapas or try typical Valencian cuisine, we recommend you leave the center and go to the districts of Ensanche and Ruzafa. In the Ensanche you will enjoy admiring the houses and modernist buildings of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Above all the Mercado de Colón (Columbus Market) stands out; a symbol of Valencia whose architecture is reminiscent of Gaudi’s most sensational buildings. Not surprisingly, its creator, Francisco Mora, was a disciple of the famous architect.

The Ensanche area is perfect if you are looking for a good restaurant at an acceptable price. And if you want to go snacking from tavern to tavern, your place is Ruzafa, the trendy district of Valencia city. To eat a good paella, better go to the seafront or the area of l’Albufera and El Palmar. Everything is connected by public transport.

In short, this is just a small sample of points of interest in Valencia; we have not even started recommending museums or the contemporary area. If you want to immerse yourself in Valencia, at Valencia Guias we have many plans and tours to get to know the corners of the capital of Turia in a fun way, with specialized guides, cooking courses, catamaran trips and even rallies, perfect if you go in a group or with friends. Visit our website, choose the plans you like best and enjoy Valencia city!