Posted: March 26, 2017

Whether you are a tourist or a Valencian, you may think that the city of Valencia is seen in just one or two days. That by making the typical visits to its historical centre and the City of Arts and Sciences you have already done the capital of the Turia. You are however very misguided. The possibilities of leisure and discovering unknown corners are endless in Valencia. There will be things you did not even know existed, just a few steps from your hotel or apartment. Put on your most comfortable sneakers and get ready to wander around the whole city. Get rid of any preconceptions because Valencia has many plans and places to offer.

Valencia’s historic centre is one of the largest in Europe and a definitive must see. However, it is not enough to just see the stand-out monuments already mentioned, such as the Torres de Quart and Serranos, the Miguelete and the Cathedral. You must also explore the more hidden, yet highly emblematic landmarks that also form part of Valencia’s historic centre. For example, you may not know that one of the greatest frescoes, after the Sistine Chapel, is in Valencia. Specifically, in the church of Saint Nicolas in the heart of the Carmen district. Its recent restoration has made this church a jewel that is being studied by art experts as ‘the Sistine Chapel of Valencia‘. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to discover this corner of Valencia.

Another landmark worth knowing is the museum of l’Almoina, located in Almoina square just behind the basilica of the Virgin of the Helpless. If you like History, in this museum you will dive into the Roman and Visigoth origins of ‘Valentia’. You will travel back in time as you go underground, submerging yourself into a world centuries old whilst seeing the ruins of the Roman city. In the center, you can also visit the church of Santa Catalina, whose tower overlooks the end of La Paz street – which gives direct access to the center – creating one of Valencia’s favorite photo-spots. The church, apart from being a gothic jewel, contains a replica of the Holy Grail. You can get to know and see one of the most enigmatic symbols of Christianity without having to travel to Turin.

Do not miss the opportunity to stroll through the neighborhoods of El Carmen, El Pilar and Sant Francesc. You will find imposing buildings full of history, such as the Palau de la Generalitat or the Post Office building. The best thing you can do to get to know the architectural and historical curiosities is to go with an expert guide who will give you a professional tour, such as the one that we offer at Valencia Guías, with people knowledgable in history, art and architecture so that you do not miss any detail.

Without leaving the historical center you should not miss the opportunity to get to know in depth the Central Market. It´s not just another market, it’s a masterpiece of Modernist architecture, inside which can be found some of the best products of Valencian gastronomy. If you like the topics related to gastronomy, we advise you to take a specific tour of the Central Market. At Valencia Guías we offer an experience where you can tour the market with a chef. He will show and explain to you the products of the Valencian orchard and sea that you will find in the different stalls, he will talk about the curiosities of life in the market and at the end you will enjoy a tasting of delicacies sold by the merchants. And if you like, you can even cook with the chef! A complete visit that will delight the gastro-addicts.

Valencia is also a city of museums. Do not forget that this is a land of artists like Sorolla, Benlliure or Pinazo. Of all the museums in the city we recommend that you stop in two: The Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Modern Art (IVAM). This way, you will get to know both classic and contemporary Valencian artists. If you can, go accompanied by an expert guide who will take you on a tour of the most impressive works of these art galleries, which include paintings by Goya, Bosco, Velázquez and El Greco.

These are just a few brushstrokes of what to see in Valencia and without leaving the center! Imagine if you start to organize plans to l’Albufera or the area of the Marina. Take advantage of a weekend, a break or a holiday period to spend a few days exploring and living in the Turia’s capital, discovering all Valencia’s hidden secrets.

At Valencia Guías we offer you different options and plans, tours and experiences so you do not miss any details. Check out our website, reserve your plan and enjoy.