Posted: November 30, 2016

Don’t miss out on Valencia´s hidden treasures, its most emblematic buildings and sites.

What to visit in Valencia? What are the must-sees when visiting Valencia? That is a question that all tourists ask themselves when planning for a trip to the capital of the Valencian Community. There are places you shouldn’t miss out on, but that don’t appear in the average tourist guidebook. At Valencia Guías, thanks to over 15 years of experience, we know how to make you fall in love with this city on the Mediterranean coast. You can live a unique experience, are you going to miss this opportunity?

Because we are not all the same

the way we visit cities is different for everyone

There is a wide variety of things to see and do in Valencia: from museums, art and exhibitions, to visiting the most emblematic bars and restaurants and trying the best valencian food. At Valencia Guías we take care of offering our customers bespoke tours according to their preferences. This way we are sure we offer you a unique experience which will make your stay in Valencia very enjoyable.

The capital of the Valencia Region is a very multi-faceted city as it offers options for all ages and preferences. From those who want to know the history of the city, and will find the historic center fascinating, to those who are interested in contemporary architecture, as we have a large list of buildings that will not leave anyone indifferent. Valencia offers family tourism, tourism for couples or for large groups, there are plans for all ages!

What to visit in Valencia?

Some high-lights

Within the wide range of opportunities of activities and leisure that Valencia has to offer, we want to show these highlights:

Visit to the Oceanographic

It is the biggest marine park in Europe. A must-see that you can not miss. Let yourself be surprised by the marine wonders that you will come across in the Oceanographic of Valencia. You will see represented the ecosystems of: temperate and tropical seas, the Mediterranean, Atlantic Ocean, Red Sea, Islands of Patagonia, Arctic and Antarctic.
An experience that you can start to enjoy either in a group, with family, friends or in a couple. Depending on your schedule, you can enjoy a dolphin show.

Art and Museums

Valencia is a city with a long artistic and musical tradition.

Its streets and squares serve as inspiration for many artists. In addition, it has a wide and varied cultural offer.

IVAM museum

It is a must to visit the IVAM Museum, with its avant-garde temporary exhibitions and permanent exhibition. The Museum of Modern Art of Valencia (IVAM) offers much more than art to the visitor, it offers an entire experience.

Fine Arts Museum of Valencia

The Fine Arts Museum of Valencia (Museo de Bellas Artes) is the main reference in the Valencia Region . With more than two centuries, it offers temporary exhibitions of the main contemporary artists.

Valencian markets

Get to know the valencian culture first hand

Also a must-see: the Central Market and the Colón Market, if only for their architectonic relevance which leaves nobody indifferent.

Central Market

The Central Market (Mercado Central) is full of stalls and shops where you can taste typical valencian products of the best quality, enjoy the colors, textures and smells that permeate the whole area. It is always a delicious visit.

Colón market

The Colon Market (Mercado de Colón) is one of the preferred leisure places for the valencians. It has a wide range of bars and restaurants, and you can also enjoy one of its many sunny terraces where you can taste a good wine or a craft beer.

Stop wondering what you should visit or do when in Valencia, just contact us. Let us know what you like or fancy so we can offer you the perfect plan.