Museum of Fine Arts San Pio V

Visiting the Museum of Fine Arts San Pio V by the hand of an expert guide becomes a visit to our history that runs from the gothic art, passing through the renaissance, the baroque and the neoclassical before arriving at our XIXth century, with the impressionists and where we have to high-light the great valencian painter and master of light: Joaquin Sorolla.

Let us show you the great masters: works of Goya, Velazquez, Murillo, El Greco, Ribera, Ribalta, Bosco, Benlliure and Sorolla await you at the Museum of Fine Arts.

IVAM: the contemporary art museum of Valencia

After this visit through history and with only a short walk through the gardens of Turia we can reach the IVAM, the valencian Museum of Contemporary Art, also called Julio Gonzalez Museum, for the great permanent work that we have in the museum of this artist.

The Valencian Institute of Modern Art (IVAM) includes works by contemporary national and international artists, as well as all the artistic trends of the 20th century, cubism, futurism, Dadaism, purism, abstract art, pop, neo-figurative painting and many more.

The permanent exhibitions of Julio Gonzalez and Ignacio Pinazo are the references to start the guided visit to this living museum of art and contemporary culture that does not leave anyone indifferent.



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