Discover Valencia's roots in its historical center.

A history that goes back many centuries

The monuments bear witness to its fascinating history over the centuries. In this tour you will experience all its dimensions, faces and legends.

From its foundation in Roman times, passing through historical figures such as San Vicente Mártir and El Cid, its Moor period, King James I, the splendor of its golden age until the most recent time.

You will be surprised by the many details you will get to see, hear, touch and experience. You will be transferred to another time as if it were a trip through time machine!. Our guides will comment on, and explain, the cultural-historical details of buildings and monuments, fun details and interesting stories. Discover how each era has left its mark through its styles: Roman, Gothic, Baroque, etc …

Full historical tour

Across Valencia's most important streets, squares and monuments

The tour takes you through many places, such as:

  • The Town-hall Square (Plaza del Ayuntamiento)
  • The Central Market (Mercado Central)
  • The Silk Market; a World Heritage Site (La Lonja)
  • The Round Square (Plaza Redonda)
  • The Palace of the Marques de Dos Aguas (home of the National Museum of Ceramics)
  • The Patriarch’s Square
  • Cathedral
  • The Plaza de la Almoina
  • The Virgin Square (Plaza de la Virgen)
  • The Serrano Towers (Torres de Serrano), etc.

Historical Valencia Tour

Let us make your visit unforgettable

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