José Ferri

Sales & Marketing


I was born in a small village south of Valencia, purely mediterranean, which has determined my way of being and understanding life. My first trip abroad, when I was 13 years old, helped decide I didn’t want to become an astronaut or fireman, but dedicate myself to tourism and hospitality.

I moved to Valencia at the end of the 80’s to study tourism and soon discovered that the city where I was living was fascinating, feeling an unstoppable urge to wander through all its corners and learn more and more about her.

Allthough I started my professional life in tourist offices (Vevey -Switzerland- Morella and Valencia), soon, my passion for travel made me tour Europe working as a guide until I ended up living in Prague. I didn’t count on missing the sun, the cured ham, the tomatoes and the olive oil, so after 3 years I returned to work as a technical promoter for Valencian Tourist Agency, where I had the opportunity to promote the Valencian Community in Europe and help the city of Valencia become better known and to place her on the touristic map.

That is when my inseparable business partner Ana decided to return from Germany and we met again, over a great dinner, sharing values and visions of the future, so I left my job at the Agency to bet on an own project that joins my passion for, and the knowledge of, the tourist industry.

This has also permitted me to accomplish one of my greates passions: to travel. Traveling gives me maturity, serenity, knowledge and a lot of peace. When traveling is when I find my myself, and I face, my best self. Besides travelling I enjoy reading (history most of all), contemporary architecture, historical documentaries, photography, good gastronomy, hotels, trekking, the family meals that my mother organizes (I sometimes think that my obsession to be a good host is her heritage)… and ofcourse my Brompton bicycle and the feeling of freedom that I get when cruising through the city on it.

Traveles is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness. Mark Twain