Posted: February 21, 2017

If this Easter you have decided to stay in Valencia and not get away, without realising it, you have made a good decision. The variety of things to do in Valencia during the Eastern period is enormous, so much so that you will discover that until now,  you have never considered doing or visiting. Whether enjoying the sun and great weather, the processions or relaxing, in Valencia you can do everything perfectly.

Take advantage of your holidays, now that you have a few days off, to make plans in Valencia for Easter that you don’t have the time for in other periods during the year. For example, if you like architecture, make a detailed visit to the most emblematic buildings of modernist and avant-garde architecture like the IVAM, the Congress Palace, the City of Arts and Sciences or Veles and Vents. We are not talking about a common visit, but doing so accompanied by a professional architect guide who will explain in detail all the ins and outs of these constructions. By the way, you will only find this opportunity at Valencia Guias.

With good weather one of the perfect plans in Valencia at Easter is to discover the Natural Park of l’Albufera, a freshwater lake next to the coast. You will get plenty of sun and a nice tan. Just 12 kilometers from Valencia you can have an authentic natural and traditional experience. Discover the fauna of the lake on board of one of the traditional boats used by the fishermen of the lake. Visit a Valencian cabin and also enjoy the best typical gastronomy in one of the restaurants of El Palmar. Do not forget to order the classic ‘all i pebre’ made with eels. Delicious.

If you have friends over for this Easter holiday in Valencia, one of the perfect plans in Valencia is to organize a rally through Valencia. In a fun way you will get to know the historical center and curiosities of the city by doing tests, games and activities. All this with the help of professional guides and actors that will make this experience as real and fun as possible. This kind of gymkana, by the way, is ideal for company groups. So if you and your colleagues are a little stressed at the office, propose a day trip to your boss, to all get out for the day  to enjoy the rally of Valencia Guias.

Easter is also synonymous with relaxation and gastronomy. You can go to the Malvarrosa beach. Maybe it’s a little early to take a dip but it’s likely that you will enjoy nice weather and may even get tan. By the way, if you are on the beach and you see a group of people carrying a crucifix by the shore, do not be surprised. It is one of the many traditions of Sailor’s Easter in Valencia: they honor the fallen in the sea with a floral tribute on the beach. A very beautiful and emotional event.

On Resurrection Sunday you can approach the Cabanyal area to see the ‘Parade of Glory’. The neighbors of this genuine neighborhood throw water and old tableware from the balconies. They are not crazy, it is a tradition known as ‘the trencà dels perols’ that symbolizes throwing the old out to give way to the new and renew.

And after the feast of Resurrection; let’s eat! Food is a major part of Valencia’s Eastern period; choose to snack in the Cabanyal taverns or head to the city centre for tapas tour if you are more a fan of gourmet food.

In short, there is plenty to do in Valencia at Eastern, but only at Valencia Guias we have such a variety of offerings and at the same time of such high quality. No matter if you want something more cultural, more gastronomic or more fun with friends, all the options are waiting for you at Valencia Guias so you can enjoy your plans in Valencia at Easter.